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50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Jerusalem

"Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem..." -Psalm 122:6


We’d like to ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a table host for this special evening.

As you know, each ticket is $50 – and there are 10 seats for each table – so it costs $500 to sponsor a table.

As a table host you could either fill your table with friends or family – and perhaps invite your Pastor.

If you don’t want to fill your table – then we could fill it for you – OR perhaps you’d like to fill some of the table and we’d fill the remaining seats.

As a table host, you would be a sponsor of this wonderful evening. As a sponsor we will honor you on the video screen that evening – and in the printed program. If you are able to sponsor 2 or more tables with a tax-deductible gift of $1,000 or more you would be invited to attend a special invitation-only photo opportunity with Governor Huckabee before the main evening celebration.

I understand I can either fill my table with my guests, or at my request, the ministry could do so.

For questions about being a table host,
call 480-696-1510